Dark Brown Veg-Tan Sling

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  • Vegetable-tanned leather from the Hermann Oak tannery.
  • The dark brown color goes all the way through.
  • 8-10 oz thickness
  • 1.25" width
  • Two Keepers
  • GrovTec (GT) traditional swivels
  • Oiled and conditioned for outdoor use

This is a trial run for this style of leather so please let me know what you think of these slings and if they should be kept in the catalog.

It's a fully USA-made product--from the American-raised cattle to the tanning process, right down to the swivels.  Your hands will be able to feel the quality.

The veg-tan leather is a little denser and stiffer than our usual Latigo but it will still break in nicely.  Extra time and work are put into these slings by hand rounding the edges and oiling the straps before construction.  Some individual slings might be darker than the images because of the absorption of the added oils.