Harness Leather

I wanted to try using some of the famous, legendary Hermann Oak Harness Leather for the slings.  I don't feel it's the best leather for the style of sling I make... but you might think otherwise.

TITAN solid style swivels are installed but I can swap them out for traditional GT swivels if you want.

These are about 9 oz thick (a bit thinner than our regular slings).  This leather has the absolute best weather/water resistance because it's tanned with a lot of wax and it is extremely strong. 

The leather has zero stretch to it.  It is has a broken-in feel but still quite firm, it's hard to explain until you get your hands on it.  It will last your lifetime.  You could add oil to make it more supple.

It has a natural, unique funky tan color that darkens with age and sunlight exposure.  It's an all-natural veg-tanned recipe that has remained unchanged since the 1800s.  A very old-school working leather to be apprciated.

I have a few made with keepers.  The logo stamp is the older original "Patent Pending" style.  I have more of this leather in stock and can make them with or without keepers.

Please let me know what you think of it.

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