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USPS (Post Office) is used to ship all orders using First Class Mail or Priority Mail services.

USPS First Class Mail is $5.00 for 1 sling.

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate is $10.00 for up to 3 slings.

Orders for over 3 slings will be in a USPS Flat Rate box for $15.00

Slings are mostly made to order--but sometimes there are some already made.

When the inventory shows “In-Stock” it means there is leather available to make that model sling.

It can take up to 1-5 days to make and ship slings.

Slings made with the stapled keepers or without any keepers are much faster to make. 


Worldwide International shipping is available via USPS using First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International services.

Shipping rates are generated in the cart or during checkout. Rates shown are the actual current live quotes from USPS.

If you think the shipping calculator is returning an error in pricing, please Contact US for clarification.

The slings come fully assembled with swivels installed.

All you need to do is put it on your rifle.

Yes, just Contact US with your requirements.

The butt-end fastening braid can be undone which then will allow you to remove the swivel and pull the slack through the main sliding knot and keepers.

It is not recommended or necessary to undo the main sliding knot. It should stay together by itself while installing new swivels or removing keepers. To be safe, consider putting something like a flathead screwdriver through the knot to prevent it from upbraiding while working on the sling.

Push-button swivels are available instead of the traditional rifle sling swivels.

They have 1.5" wide loops to fit the thick leather slings.

Contact Us to request these.

The Bridle and Latigo leather chosen for Bushcrafts slings has been treated specifically for outdoor use and water resistance during the tanning process where tallow, oils, and waxes are forced into the leather fibers with heat.

New slings may be slightly stiff but they will break in nicely the more you use them and practice shooting positions. The leather will absorb skin oils from your hands and the slings will soften naturally.

If you feel that you need even more weather resistance or a fast break-in you can use saddle soap or apply a very light coat of natural oil.  Be careful not to over-apply neatsfoot oil, mink oil, or any commercial leather conditioners.  Do not use any products that contain petroleum or mineral oils such as "neatsfoot compound", use only "pure neatsfoot oil".

As a lower-cost alternative, you can use straight olive oil from the supermarket, virgin is better because it is lighter and does not smell.  Saddle makers have been using olive oil on their products for decades.

Apply a very lightcoat of olive oil by rubbing it onto the sling with your fingers until you see the leather just start to darken a bit.  Allow a minimum of at least 24 hours for the oil to fully absorb into the leather before applying any more.  Be patient, this will take some time to work.  1-3 coats should be more than enough.

It is emphasized again that the coating of oil should be very light and applied in single coats.  Also, be aware that applying any kind of oil or conditioner will darken the color slightly, as will exposure to sunlight over time.  Over oiling leather strap goods, slings, leashes, or belts will permanently damage the leather fibers causing them to weaken significantly, stretch excessively and possibly break under tension.

Keepers are the leather loops that hold the straps of the sling together.  They are a convenience for hunting-style slings but are not needed to allow full functionality or adjustments.

Handmade keepers are made without any hardware or fasteners.  They're held together with only leather.  These are 5/8" wide and the strongest keepers made.  They are time-consuming and can increase the price.

Stapled keepers are made with brass staples and are available in different widths.

Large stapled keepers (1.25" wide) are great when you only want one keeper on the sling.

Most descriptions will state which swivels are installed however, a specific brand or model swivel cannot be promised at this time due to production shortages and significant price increases on the American-made sling swivels within the past two years.

At this time we use USA-made GrovTec (GT Swivels) traditional style swivels.

Titan solid-body swivels are used on the thicker slings.

Usually, rifles with fixed loops, like the M1A/Garand will allow the rear swivel to unscrew to install this type of sling.

I can walk you through the installation once you receive your sling.

Either the rear or front fixed sling loop will need to be removed for installation.

You can also send in your swivel loops to be installed on your sling.