How to Mount the No-Drill Rifle Sling

Bushcrafts No-Drill slings strap securely onto any rifle in less than one minute and will not slip off. There's no need to drill holes in your stock to install studs or mounts. No swivels, hardware, or other fasteners are required, and the slings come ready to mount right out of the package.

Two important rules to follow during installation:

  1. Do not try to undo the knots/braids.
  2. Do not pull on the braided knot to tighten or loosen the sling--Instead, hold the knot steady and pull the straps through the knot.

Step 1.

Unpackage the sling and lay it out next to your rife as shown with the smooth finished side up.


Step 2.

Slide the double braided end over the barrel, then follow with the single braid.

Be sure the strap does not get twisted.  Keep the finished side facing up.

You can enlarge the loops to fit over optics and handguards by holding the braids and pulling the strap up from the top side of the braids.

To enlarge the double end, pull the outer strap first, then the inner strap second.

Do not pull the braids, hold them and just pull the straps.


Step 3.

Move the double braid down to the end of the buttstock and get it in position to tighten, as shown.


Step 4.

Hold the braided knot in place and pull the inner (bottom) strap down from below the knot.

Begin to tighten, a little at a time, and position the top corner of the buttstock through the slit in the inner strap.

The slit is there to hold the sling from slipping down to the narrower part of the stock.  It does not have to be straight across the back of the buttstock to work.


Step 5.

Tweak the sling into the position that you like and now pull the outer strap to tighten everything up.

The further onto the stock the sling is, the more secure it will be.

At this point once things are cinched down, you don't have to be gentle with the braided knot anymore.


Step 6.

Move the single braid onto the barrel and tighten it.

 Step 7.

Once the sling is mounted you can tighten everything a little more again.

Hold the buttstock and pull the main strap side to side to snug it up nice and tight.


The leather will form to your stock over time and will lay flatter.

While carrying your rifle, you can allow the main strap to twist perpendicular to the braids/knots and it will still hold.

The sling should be long enough for a comfortable shoulder carry and a Hasty supported shooting position for most people.  If you need a longer or shorter sling, contact us to exchange it for a special order (no-charge if the leather is in stock).

The slit that goes over the top corner of the butt-end is only a safety measure to prevent slipping down to the narrower grip part of the stock.  It can lay higher/lower on one side and it doesn’t have to be centered or level on each side to work.  It only has to grab on a bit.  However, I understand you might want it to look nice and even so, you can definitely cut the slit a bit longer on either or both sides without any ill-effects.  To do this without leather tools, I recommend using a pair of large kitchen shears and snip only a very short (1/8”) length at a time using just the tips of the scissors.  You can do this while it’s on the rifle if you take some tension off of the loops.  If you have any issues contact us and you will be taken care of.

Thank you!