USPS (U.S. Post Office) is used to ship all orders using First Class Mail or Priority Mail services. Both are fast and include tracking.

No Parcel Post.

First Class Mail packages have a weight limit of 14 oz.

Packages weighing over 14 oz. will upgrade the shipping rates to Priority Mail only.

Orders with more than one sling can weigh over 14 oz. depending on the sling model. These orders will only qualify for Priority Mail and the First Class Mail option will not be shown on the shipping rate calculator.


Worldwide International shipping is available via USPS using First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International services.

The international rates generated in the shipping calculator are the actual current pricing quotes from USPS.


When the inventory shows “In-Stock” it means there is leather available to make that model sling.

Slings are mostly made to order.

If there aren’t any slings already made and ready to ship, it can take up to 1-5 days to make a sling,

Express Model slings can be made and shipped usually within 24-48 hours.


All slings will arrive to you fully assembled with swivels installed (if applicable).

All you need to do is attach the sling to your rifle.


All Bushcrafts Original slings include 2 installed swivels.

The No-Drill slings do not include or require swivels.

Bushcrafts leather is tanned specifically for heavy duty outdoor use. The slings will soften with use and will slowly absorb skin oils from your hands and arms.

The only treatment Bushcrafts recommends to put on the leather is extra virgin olive oil. The cheapest extra virgin olive oil from your grocery store will work. It's inexpensive and barely has any scent if at all.

Apply very light coats, 24 hours apart.

Rub a small amount into the leather directly with your fingers or a towel until the leather just starts to darken. Do the front, back and both edges. Wait at least 24 hours for the oil to fully absorb between coats and then decide if you should add another. Often times, only one coat is needed. Be advised that this will darken the leather color a shade as will sunlight.

Unless you want to, there is no need to spend money on fancy leather conditioners or cleaners.

It is the same exact sling as the original except the 2 keepers are not included. This allows slings to be made much faster and at a lower cost as the keepers are very time consuming to make.

Keepers are the 2 leather loops that hold the straps of the sling together.

They are more of a convenience for hunting style slings and are not needed to allow full functionality or adjustments.

A specific brand or model swivel cannot be promised at this time as there has been a serious production shortage and significant price increases on high quality USA Made sling swivels within the past two years.

Be assured that only the best quality swivels that are available will used, usually either GrovTec or Titan brands. Solid body swivels will always be preferred when available.

Custom Orders


Longer sling lengths will depend on the size of the remaining hide.

There is no charge for shorter lengths.

This depends on several factors.

Only full hides of leather are purchased directly from USA tanneries to make Bushcrafts Slings. Some tanneries require a minimum order of several hides and sometimes they must all be of the same color.

It's possible to find small pieces of leather in different colors from various leather shops at retail pricing but this will raise the cost of your sling considerably. Sometimes a single leather strap can cost almost as much as a fully assembled sling.

Don't hesitate to ask though. Sometimes deals can be found on single hides from overstock and tannery run sales.