American Double Tanned Latigo Leather Rifle Slings

  • Double-Tanned American Latigo Leather
  • 1.25" Width
  • 12 oz. Leather Thickness
  • Adjustable from 25 - 41 inches
  • Swivels Included
  • Patented Design
  • 100% Made in the USA
Color: Whiskey Tan

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American Double Tanned Latigo leather is custom tanned for Buschrafts Rifle Slings.  The leather is made from American steers and tanned by American hands in Tennessee, USA.

American Double Tanned Latigo Leather is tanned two times and is the most durable leather made in the USA.  It has the classic look and feel that you expect from American-tanned leather.

The leather is full-grain and not corrected (thinned, sanded down or buffed) to remove imperfections.  The dye used is aniline, which is a translucent water-based coloring, so it does not cover up any markings like scars or wrinkles but at the same time, reveals the natural grain of the leather.  The colors are natural and flat matte, carefully chosen with hunting and camouflage in mind. 

These slings will come with 2 handmade all-leather keepers.

Compared to the True Latigo and English Bridle leather slings, this Latigo tannage is softer, more lightweight, and drier because it is not stuffed with waxes, tallow, and oil - yet it's incredibly strong and will withstand any weather conditions.  You can apply some light coats of oil or conditioner if desired, but it's not necessary.  It will naturally absorb skin oils from your hands and arms and darken slightly over time.

A true American-made product that you will be proud to own.
Guaranteed to last a lifetime.