American Double Tanned Latigo Leather Rifle Slings

  • Double Tanned Latigo Leather
  • 1.25" Width
  • 10-12 oz. Leather Thickness
  • Adjustable from 25 - 41 inches
  • Swivels Included
  • Patented Design
  • Made in the USA
Color: Whiskey Tan

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American Double Tanned Latigo leather exclusively made for Buschrafts Rifle Slings.  The leather is from American steers and tanned by American hands at the Tennessee Tanning Company.

American Double Tanned Latigo Leather is tanned two times and is the toughest, most durable leather made in the USA.  Classic rustic look and feel that you expect from American tanned leather.

The colors are natural and flat matte, carefully chosen with hunting and camouflage in mind.  The feel is soft and lightweight yet the leather is incredibly strong.  A true American Made product that you will be proud to own.