5 Must-Have Rifle Accessories You Don’t Want to Forget

5 Must-Have Rifle Accessories You Don’t Want to Forget

We all love getting a new gun, especially a good rifle. But getting just the gun is only the beginning, as there are a few other things you might want to consider buying as well to accompany it. Whether your rifle is used for hunting, protection, or precision shooting, here are 5 must-have accessories that you won’t want to forget!


This one might seem a little obvious, but hear me out. Without some spare ammunition, your gun is useless. Bringing the right amount of ammo is critical for a successful hunt. Always bring a little more than what you think you might need, you never know what might happen!


Precision shooting and hunting often requires knowing the ranges at which your targets are at, and a rangefinder is a perfect tool to get this done. Whether you are hunting or target shooting, quick use of a rangefinder will give you the exact range and allow you to execute the most accurate shot possible. Without a rangefinder, you will have to guess yardages, which could lead to missed shots.


Every piece of equipment on this list has a purpose, and the bipod is the best possible tool to use in order to steady your shots and increase your accuracy. Without a bipod, you will be forced to shoot offhand or using something else as a rest. A bipod, whether it attaches to your rifle or not, will steady your shot and increase your accuracy significantly.

Rifle/Scope Cover

Most guns and the scopes that sit on them can be pretty expensive. One piece of gear that often gets overlooked is a protective cover for either your entire rifle or just the scope. These can be as simple as a fabric cover that protects the scope from dust, or fully padded covers that protect the scope and gun from accidental drops, scrapes, and dings while hiking or during transport. 


Easily the single most important piece of gear on a rifle, the sling is the best and most comfortable way to transport your rifle around. Whether your rifle is used for hunting or target shooting, a sling will help you to safely and effectively carry it around by dispersing the weight on your shoulder and back. Some of the best rifle slings are made out of high-quality leather, such as our handcrafted slings here at Bushcrafts. If you could only have one piece of equipment to add to your gun, make sure it is a high-quality sling!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to go along with your favorite rifle. Not only does it need some ammunition in order to function, a few simple accessories and gear will not only help you to shoot more accurately but also transport your gun wherever you need it to go. No matter the kind of rifle, sling it over your shoulder and get out there and shoot!