English Bridle Leather

English bridle leather (or often called just "bridle" leather) is a style of vegetable-tanned leather that has been treated with natural oils, waxes and/or tallow to help resist the elements and improve appearance.

Vegetable-tanned leather (or called just veg-tan) takes months to produce. The process uses tree bark and natural tannin to cure and dye the hide.  The result is a leather with a handsome appearance that is also strong and durable.

Every tannery has its own English Bridle tanning process just like every Italian restaurant has its own chicken parmigiana recipe.  Although English Bridle is made slightly different from each tannery, it is all made to perform the same way.

Bushcrafts English Bridle Leather is made from USA cowhides. The leather is 100% natural with no chemicals used in the tanning or dying process. 

Bushcrafts English Bridle Leather Rifle Slings will age beautifully and can easily be preserved for many years with only light coats of oil as maintenance.