Latigo Leather

Bushcrafts Latigo leather is bold and durable. Made to withstand the elements and moisture by treating the leather with natural tallows, greases, waxes, and oils that are infused during the tanning process.

"True Latigo" leather is tanned twice--Chrome tanned first, then re-tanned with a vegetable tanning.  True Latigo benefits from the properties of both tannages by adding extra tensile strength and a softer feel with more flexibility than straight untreated vegetable-tanned leather.  It will hold up exceptionally well during hard outdoor use.

Latigo is a working utility leather not necessarily designed for show pieces. It repels sweat, rain, and snow while needing little or no maintenance. Latigo is typically used for heavy-duty saddlery applications and specifically used for the straps (appropriately called, Latigos) that hold heavy western-style saddles onto working horses. Cowboys, ranchers, and rodeo riders trust their safety to Latigo for its ability to maintain strength after repeated soakings in horse sweat and exposure to the harshest elements.